Entrepreneur and Realtor® Jerry Buys announces the launch of a real estate crowdfunding portal for home buyers and renters.

September 16, 2015


Wilmington, DE – Jerry Buys, an actor, realtor and entrepreneur launches the next generation Kickstarter style crowdfunding platform created primarily for those in need of housing and the victims of the 2008 housing crisis. Jerry Buys, owner of @Hollywood Media Corporation ( and Spedia® Social Media Corporation ( debuted his real estate crowdfunding startup website – – just days ago on September 16, 2015.

Real Estarter, Inc. ( was conceived when Mr. Buys recently pursued a career in real estate and gained major insight and trends in the housing market and the statistics related to the millions struggling to acquire affordable housing and save enough money for a down payment on a home.

Mr. Buys, however, envisioned more than that. While creating the blueprint for, he saw that he would have to expand categories for housing assistance to include RV’s, motor homes, mobile homes and vacant land. Why? “Because homes come in many different shapes, sizes and materials and can be mobile or fixed properties. So it was only natural to extend help to owners – or those seeking to own – of all types of homes”, he says. Beyond that, he also saw the need to include other categories that would identify groups of people or individuals who might need housing assistance such as Veterans, Millennials, Handicapped, Retirees, etc….

“The NAR (National Association of Realtors®) reports that more than 12% of all Americans (more than 35 million people) cannot afford to buy a home. And studies show that the amount of time it takes for the average person to save enough money for a down payment on a home is now 3-7 years”, says Mr. Buys.

He continues….“This is ridiculous! The statistics are staggering! I wanted to find a way to help people get funding for a home and I felt this is the best way that I – as an individual – could do it.”

The Impact

Mr. Buys says that the impact on families and individuals who do not own a home or have a home is huge. “It’s such a major issue that even other celebrities are getting in on the movement. Some are trying to get congress involved in the housing crisis issue to make affordable housing available to all. We must act now!”

How You Can Help

Real Estarter’s main mission is to help restore “The American Dream”, help resolve many issues with the housing crisis, boost the economy and help millions get funding for down payments and affordable housing. Jerry Buys has launched an Official Booster Campaign directly on the company’s own website ( ) for anyone who wishes to support the initiative. Mr. Buys also launched an Indiegogo Campaign for those who would like a company logo souvenir. You can donate to either campaign.

Contact Info:

Real Estarter, Inc.

717 N. Union St. #44

Wilmington, DE 19805



At RealEstarter we care about people and economic growth. Our mission is to help restore the American Dream, the Global Homebuyers Dream, Family Dreams, Individuals Dreams, the global housing market and worldwide confidence in the housing industry. We believe that successfully funded dream projects make for a better world and spread genuine kindness and good cheer and we’re ecstatic to provide whatever assistance we can to help support everyone we can with a tool to help them realize their dreams. That’s RealEstarter!