NYC’s Bond No. 9 Boutique Makeover

Crystal chandeliers! Mirrors! Elegant furnishings!! Candles! Vividly colored fragrance boxes! Add them all together and what do you get? A “wow” factor next generation retail fragrance boutique.

That’s just what Bond No. 9 has created in their newly redecorated flagship perfumery in New York. Awesome! Wow! Whoa! are just some of the responses made by shoppers and others just passing by. Located just one block from the Bowery, the furnishings and décor were designed by Bond No. 9’s founder and president, Laurice Rahme, whose vision is to create a visual fantasia counterpart to the incandescent beauty and expressiveness of their 70 eaux de parfum and accompanying lotions, creams, candles and accoutrements.

A kaleidoscope effect is created through use of the mirrors on the walls, lining the built-in wall niches and on the freestanding showcases along the 3,000 square foot long corridor. The brightly colored fragrance boxes reflect multiple times throughout the gallery. Crystal chandeliers, matching standing lamps, and a mirrored library all add to the grand effects of this one-of-a-kind boutique.

Adding to the grandeur scenery of this 21st century gem, like the Palace of Versailles, is Bond Street paved with cobblestones just outside the front door. Can’t make it to the Palace of Versailles? Why not visit Bond No. 9’s luxurious boutique? You just might be one of those saying….“Wow”!