IFC Markets Introduces Gold Group Instruments

IFC Markets Introduces Gold Group Instruments

New market tools allow you to trade gold against the Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, or the Australian dollar and analyze the markets.

Labeled as “PCI”, or Personal Composite Instruments, the instruments can be used in a wide range from simple to complex.  There is also the “Gold Instruments” group where Gold is quoted against Silver, Oil and the S&P 500 index. So for those of you who prefer trading gold, you might want to take a peek at these. Keep in mind, these tools were created for the NetTradeX trading platform.

These instruments allow you to choose preferable markets based on vital criteria such as liquidity and volatility. Also compare price dynamics and their volatility and choose your trading strategy.

IFC Markets says that the new instruments are very sensitive to the economic developments in Australia, China and Japan which expands opportunities for trade as their currencies reflect new developments. Even more, the new instruments respond to data when reports on key events such as changes in employment, sales, manufacturing and so forth are released.

Thus, the new PCI’s and Gold instruments offer investors new trading and analyzing opportunities. IFC Markets has plans to expand the list of new PCI’S.

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