M. Boutique Organic Products Startup Launches

“M. Boutique” announces the launch of their new company – an online organic products shopping portal. M. Boutique claims that their products contain the world’s purest essential oils and natural extracts. M. Boutique’s mission is to provide people with luxurious household products that are both safe to use and safe for the environment.

Currently, shoppers can find an array of products for the home, bath and pets categories, among others. Their current line of products include candles, shampoos, facial cleansers, body lotions, and pet grooming products and include “Luxury by Nature” home care products, “Foster My Body” bath products and “Pets by Jorge” pet grooming products created by celebrity pet groomer – Jorge Bendersky.

Founder Chris Foster says, “We are very excited to announce the launch of M. Boutique and to share our exclusive, organic products with the world. We want to offer our customers an alternative to all the harmful household products that are out there.”

For more information visit www.MBoutiqueIntl.com