Business Intelligence Technology Event

Need to find new opportunities and strategies to grow your business? You just might want to attend the Business Intelligence Innovation Summit in Chicago on November 12 & 13.

Cutting edge analytics that combine massive data, the cloud, social media and mobile technologies, among others, are changing everything. What that means is – if you own a business, then you might want to make it a point to be there! Especially if you’re looking to create competetive advantages to keep your business afloat.

The summit will offer real-life case studies from companies who will share how they successfully implemented effective business intelligence strategies and will focus on new methods also. There will be an array of speakers, discussions and methods used to aid in critical decision making processes. Those who attend will leave with information they need on how they can put the latest Business Intelligence technologies to work in their own situations.

Speakers are scheduled to include topics about the implications of mass data for Business Intelligence and how, by applying the methods and technologies, businesses can enable growth.

Attendees include major companies such as Ford, GE Capital, CITI, Ebay, JP Morgan, AT&T and others.

For more info visit the website:  Business Intelligence Innovation Summit